Found Footage #1 - Tinychat & sherm

March 30, 2020 ☼ TechLife

…When I was like 17, 18, a dude shot himself in a group video chat for no reason and I was contacted by that dude’s city’s police department a couple days later. To this day I have no idea how they got my cellphone number or email address, there was no 2 step-verification in that website, there wasn’t even forced signing up, you could just pick a random username and join a chatroom without making any account.

I was in Tinychat (it was a website were people could make video chatrooms with like up to 10 people streaming at a time, you could also have 1-1 private video chats, and it also had a chatbox where hundreds of people could join) Anyways, I was in one of the more popular rooms one night, and for the first time ever I got to be in the streaming feed (spaces where usually always occupied IIRC) and that night there was this dude, couldn’t have been older than 20, that was tripping balls on sherm (marijuana laced with PCP) and he was talking about how his father beat him up and kicked him out of the house for sleeping with his stepsister, that he says he was in love with before their parents married. What was weird is that this dude was first laughing about it, and then out of nowhere when we were talking about something else, I think it was making fun of Ludacris for dropping 16 on Justin Bieber’s Baby”, he started screaming and crying and we were like Bruh wtf”, and you could mute the sound of anybody so that you wouldn’t hear it yourself. So we agreed to all mute his sound but leave his video because it was interesting seeing the dude go ape-shit with no sound.

After like 10 minutes he caught on to the fact that we muted him and wrote on a piece of paper watch this” and he showed us a gun. I remember a girl was juggling some tennis balls too, but I digress. After flailing the gun around and flipping it and reverse it like in a cowboy movie he put that shit in his mouth and shoot himself. By them I had unmuted him so I got to hear the shoot, then he disappeared from the frame and you could only see his chair when he fell from the shot and I swear to God I could slightly hear him gurgling on his blood until he wasn’t doing it anymore, which I assume meant he was dead. Somebody from the room reported the chat room to the admins and they ended the stream and deleted the room a few minutes later. Then I got a call from the police in some bumfuck town in Michigan asking if I had been in the videochat when this dude killed himself, they said we know, the company sent us a video” we just want you to tell us what happened, and I did, then they thanked me for my cooperation and never contacted me again.”